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· Here's my Battlefield 1 best settings and sensitivity options for the PS4 controller (and Xbox One) I do like to tweak this setup every now and then, but the.

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BF1 - Best suggested sensitivity/options settings for best experience? During Beta, I got some settings from reddit, I turned on Uniform Soldier Aiming and had my sensitivities at 50ish, turned off motion blurring and had the FOV at 90 (whatever number that was in the options).

· After months of playing i found the perfect Settings for BF1 on PS4. My mouse: G set on DPI (don't ask me why notit's works better on this value for me). Hz and angle snapping is ON. Now on the XIM-APP: HIP and ADS Curve: Code: [Select] >>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>. Set your Bayonetcharge/Melee to O (Circle) instead of pressing the stick down.

Doing this you can only Bayonetcharge someone when you are sprinting plus pressing circle otherwise you just do a normal melee attack.

Since i changed it, i did never fuck that up again ^. You may have noticed that aiming in Battlefield 1 on console feels very different from other shooters. You might be good in games such as Call of Duty but seem to struggle in this game for reasons you can’t explain.

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Unfortunately there isn’t a magic setting than you can toggle on/off that will suddenly turn you into a pro. There are however a bunch of settings that you can customise to. · Battlefield 1 top 5 pro settings guide to improve your gameplay!

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👍 Rate the video, thoughts in the comments and Subscribe for PC content!  · For long range, the Russian sniper is by far the best option. Take a Spot flare gun at all times.

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Decoys are fine for long-rangers, but I prefer Tripwire explosives. Leave a few of these dotted. I want to play Battlefield 1in multiplayer way on ps4 but isn t work because is it shows the next message:ACCES DENIED -sorry,you are not eligible to participate in this activity,see. · Once you're all set up and ready to game, don't forget to check out our pick of the best PS4 games and the best free PS4 games to really show off the capabilities of your bonino1933.itted Reading Time: 10 mins.

· Do you guys have your PS4 set to 'automatic' resolution? Because if you do, BF1 automatically scales it to p. But if you have the PS4 set to p then the ps4 will take the BF1 p and scale it up to p, this is not the native game resolution.

It's the same effect as post-processing, causes lag and bad effects. · This is why it is often recommended to set up a static IP address in conjunction with other connectivity troubleshooting steps.

The first thing that you will need to do is set a Static IP on your PS4. First of all, power on your PS4 ; Then go to Settings on your PS4 and locate Network. You will have to choose the view connection status option. BF1 ps4. karim. 0. Is there anyupdate regards bf1 control setting as i feel no accuracy as i used to play.

karim Options Share 0. Moderator [Marco] In the same way that defragging your PC hard drive can clear up some hardware issues, the PS4’s Rebuild Database option can improve your console’s space management and speed up your console.

It’s worth mentioning that rebuilding your database does not delete any data. If you choose to Initialize your PS4, that will wipe it clean. Assault Medic Support Scout Best weapons. Grenades, Tanks and Planes. Grenades Tank variants How to fight using a tank? Planes. Game modes. Conquest Domination & Team Deathmatch Rush War Pigeons Operations. Walkthrough. Storm of Steel Through Mud and Blood Friends in.

· -Give your PS4 a static ip and DMZ it in your router.-verify that you don't have the old style Ethernet cord-play on servers in your region-a cold boot for your PS4 and router may help. At the very least do it regularly (weekly)-I've noticed that I sometimes I'll open BF1 and go to the server browser and all the servers will have terrible ping. · BF1 PS4 Help pls.

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image (K) karim Options Share 0. karim. 0. I’m using razer deathader chrona overwatch edition 10, dpi. karim Options Share 0. karim. 0. Up. karim Options Share 0. karim. 0.

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Why no one replied as its a normal post and i still get no satisfaction. karim Options Share 0. karim. 0. Any moderator!!!!! karim Options. · You set the profile for the game within the XIM itself. As an example, I have a profile for BF1, BF4, and for Overwatch. This way I can set my own keybinds via the XIM and in-game sensitivities via the XIM as well.

It has honestly been one of the best peripheral purchases I have made. Download your Live for Speed car setups for racing, hotlapping, drifting and more. · The World War 1 setting has given DICE and EA some major opportunities to significantly mix up the multiplayer setting and format – so. · Note that while both the PS4 and PS4 Pro are capable of HDR, you’ll need to make sure you’ve updated the firmware to or higher.

If you need help setting up HDR on an Xbox One S. A Battlefield 1 Live Stream happening right now. If you wish to donate (shows up on stream) Experience the dawn of all-out war only in Battlefield™ 1. Fight your way through epic battles ranging from tight urban combat in a besieged French city to the heavily defended mountain forts in the Italian Alps or frantic combats in the deserts of Arabia.

Use innovative weaponry and vehicles as you battle across the land, air and sea, and adapt your tactics to earth-shattering destruction. · This will allow the PS4 to send signals to your set up. 2) For those who like things quiet, there is also an option to remove the System Music and Key Note sounds.

· Best settings for PC. On PC, you have way more options than you do on console. There are settings to adjust your framerate and resolution and even nuanced options that.

· The commands also work if you put them in the launch options, and if “bonino1933.its 1” (dash needs to be used before the command) is used there, it won’t disappear anymore.

bonino1933.itplayScale sounds interesting. I do still wonder why they minimized the size with BF1, the default size in previous BF games was just fine. can you please put back the setting of soldier sticks the same in bfi purchase the new ps4 yesterday together with the bf4 then im having trouble playing it because you guys change the aim and fire button to L2 R2 instead of L1 R1 whats up with that? i realy have small hands and im having realy big trouble playing the game now i kinda regret buying it please fix this im an avid bf3 fans and Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

· Ok in regards to FPS and performance I can advise you the optimal settings for the XBOX one, but I do not own a PS4. I can only assume the options to be nearly identical given there nearly identical hardware platforms.

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Go to Options\Interface tab Only one option here of any display importance out. · Epic 64 Player Multiplayer Battles Squad up with your friends and join in the most epic multiplayer battles in FPS history with up to 64 players; Fight as infantry, lead horse charges or take control of amazing vehicles on land, air and sea, from tanks and biplanes to the gigantic BehemothsReviews: K.

See steps 2 through 4 of the following guide ("How to set-up a static IP address in your PlayStation 4 console") for help with choosing an IP address that is outside your router's DHCP range.

3. After you have assigned your PlayStation 4 to a specific IP address, test the connection from your PS4 console to make sure it is working. Both PS4 and Xbox One controller can be customized to make them fully personalized.

There are many benefits of using a custom Battlefield 1 controller for Xbox One and PS4. The controller has different features including quick scope, rapid-fire and quick reload. The Best Custom BF1 Controllers.

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